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    English names:Pentane-1,5-diol
    The alias name:Pentamethylene glycol、PDO
    Molecular formula:C5H12O2
    The molecular weight:104.15
    CAS NO:111-29-5
    Appearance and properties: Colorless transparent liquid, Aromatic Odour




    Assay (1.5-PDO) %

    99 min

    Moisture %

    0.15 max

    Acid value (mg KOH /g)

    0.1 max

    Color (APHA)

    20 max


    1,Used as an organic synthesis intermediate, used in the manufacture of polyester, polyether and spices, etc..

    2,Used as a chemical solvent. In the polyurethane can be used as the synthesis of special polyester and used as chain extension agent.

    Packing 200 kg drum.

    Storage: Keep in cool and well-ventilated place. To protect from sunlight,heat and damp. Shall be transported according to common chemicals.