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    C-12 Alcohol Ester

    English names:C-12 2,2,4 - Trimethyl -1,3 - Pentanediol Monoisobutyrate
    The alias name:C-12 2,2,4 - Trimethyl -1,3 - Pentanediol Monoisobutyrate
    Molecular formula:C12H24O3
    The molecular weight:216.3
    CAS NO:25265-77-4
    Appearance and properties: Colorless and transparent liquid




    Content, % ≥




    Water content %


    Acidity, % 



    1.This product is an ideal water-based coalescent agent, and has preferable film-forming effect to a various kind of emulsion polymer systems and could reduce minimum film forming temperature. It can be applied in situations that are difficult to form films (e.g. High glass transition temperature, low construction environment temperature ), and is extremely appropriate for various kinds of water-based coating systems,such as emulsions, latex paints and adhesives synthesized from methacrylate, cinnamene and vinyl acetate.

    2.This product can be used directly. After appropriate churning, add C-12 into the film-forming system. It is recommended to add C-12 after the pigments are dispersed. Usually it takes up around (4-8) % of the emulsion solid content but not exceeding 12%.

    3.This product is widely used in emulsions, adhesives and architectural coating.

    Packing:200kg drum, IBC drums or as requested.

    Storage: Stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place. Avoid violent collision and rain during handling and shipping. Can be stored and transported according to the rules and regulations of non-dangerous goods.